Top 10 British People

Best British People

What a miserable day it is! So I’ve sat down with a cuppa tea and dug out a list of what is considered to be the top 10 British people or the greatest Britons as per the Wiki article. As…

London at night

Top 10 British tourist sights

Funny that even though I’ve travelled around the world, and continue to do so, that there are still places right on my doorstep that I’ve yet to visit! So I’ve found what are seemingly the top ten destinations for people…

Best British 1980’s music

Best British 1980’s music

Being the 45-year-old spring chicken that I am, and a nostalgic son of a… I still love playing 80’s music! So my search today ends up with digging out what was considered the best of British music from that era….

Best British Sweets

Best British Sweets

It’s hard to tell these days whether a sweet is British, American or what. But I have a list that I hope is still valid as it’s the ten most important British sweets! I love my sweets but ironically the…

The Office

Best British Shows on Netflix

I spend a lot of my time on my arse, and Netflix is a fantastic time killer! There are so many great shows to stream but here’s a list of the top 15 British show’s that are currently on Netflix….

English breakfast

Full English Breakfast

Hah, hello world! Thought I’d start my blog with the best British Breakfast, the full English! 😀 Statistics created in the last 6 months show that us Brits have got through 142 million English breakies MORE than last year, that’s…